MBTI and Buyer Agents

Though it is true that personality tests are not always reliable and accurate, it is fair to say that a great many find them intriguing and interesting. Prior to becoming a realtor, I spent time researching careers associated with my personality type, INFJ, to see what kinds of career paths are recommended for people with associated personality traits and characteristics. I do not recall ever coming across a website that stated real estate was a suitable career for my personality type (not to say one does not exist; I just did not come across it if it does), but that did not deter me from pursuing real estate as a profession.

I think that all of the MBTI personality types have the capacity of succeeding in real estate, but that each would achieve success using different skills sets and would likely be drawn to different areas of interest, such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, managing other realtors, etc. That got me to thinking recently about what traits and tendencies people in the sixteen MBTI categories might demonstrate in the role of a real estate agent. I decided to make a list of traits and skills I would expect to see in each type working as a realtor, but I narrowed my focus to buyer agents specifically for the time being. Now, with all that said, I want to say outright that I am in no way an expert on the topic of personalities. My compilation of traits is based upon what I know and understand about the different types.

The breakdown for buyer agents is as follows:


-Will rarely cancel showing appointments, even in extremely poor weather, unless their clients request it

-Tend to work tirelessly to find their buyer a home

-Plans and organizes showings carefully

-Notices many small details about a home that buyers don’t

-Remembers everything buyers tell them about themselves and their family


-Rereads the Purchase and Sales Agreement at least once before submitting to the listing agent to make sure it is accurately written and complete

-Will answer questions honestly, and will answer them at 9pm if need be

-If they say they will be somewhere, they’ll be there

-May get annoyed or angry when the buyer’s mortgage person is not efficient or responsive

-Tend to like to take charge and can help to move things along if obstacles or challenges are encountered that others find hard to resolve


-Can sense if a buyer is upset about something, even if the buyer has not verbally communicated as much

-Will sometimes put the needs of the buyer ahead of their own

-Tuned into the wants and needs of their buyers

-Tend to avoid confrontations and conflict

-Will remember details about a home they see with a buyer long after seeing it


-Enjoys being a realtor because it allows them to constantly be around other people

-Likely to work on a team or will have close business connections they are loyal to

-Will see things through to the end, even when difficult on an emotional or physical level

-Always seems present in the moment and does not spend much time talking about the future, or what may happen later on

-Genuinely like being of service to their clients


-May get frustrated with buyers that spend many months looking for a home due to their desire to see shorter term results in connection with their efforts

-Exude a quiet kind of self-confidence and self-assurance

-Good in situations where strong problem-solving skills are needed

-Know a lot of factual and interesting information about the markets they cover

-Helpful in guiding their clients to make logical and unemotional decisions


-Prefer not to plan too extensively and are flexible when plans change

-Are generally fun to be around and enjoy interacting with people

-Will take risks some other people may avoid

-Can alter their approach to communicating to suit the needs of those they are speaking with

-Prefer to live in the moment and like adventure


-Spend time getting to know their buyers and enjoy the process

-Enjoy new experiences and like spontaneity

-Does not like to receive long explanations and prefer when people are concise

-Drawn to people and things that are aesthetically pleasing

-Paints a realistic, but hopeful, picture for their buyers


-Take their time in doing things and do not like to feel rushed

-Likes to feel as though they are helping others or providing a valuable service

-Though interested in learning about other people, tend to come across as quiet and reserved with those they do not know very well

-Sensitive to criticism and understand the importance of choosing words carefully so as not to upset others unnecessarily

-Feel a strong need for freedom and autonomy


-Like to talk about plans or decisions in reference to the impact they will have in the future

-Are good verbal communicators

-Place a strong value on gathering information or acquiring knowledge

-Can be impatient with people that seem wishy-washy or incompetent

-Like to take the lead and like to be in control


-Most likely to know the absorption rate of a given market

-Most likely to actually be able to define “absorption rate”

-Enjoy negotiations and are strategic in their approach to them

-Prefer to make decisions based on facts and logic versus emotion

-Are not always open to the opinions of others and can come across as uninterested or dismissive at times


-Enjoy being around people and are viewed as smart, capable, and energetic people

-Are not intimidated by complex problems and like the process of thinking of creative ways to solve them

-Though highly creative, they recognize the value of applying logic and continuously gaining knowledge

-Get bored if their work becomes routine and overly predictable

-Like to play devil’s advocate or debate issues with people simply for the sake of mental stimulation


-Have a strong tendency to know when clients or other agents are lying to them

-Constantly seek to increase knowledge about topics that interest them

-May become unmotivated if the work becomes too routine, predictable, or tedious

-Do not work well under circumstances where they are micromanaged or expected to work closely with a team

-Can be eccentric in a way that amuses, and entertains, clients


-Will put the interests of their clients above their own without thinking about it

-Abhor dishonesty and avoid those they feel are disingenuous

-Are intrinsically motivated in that they find satisfaction merely in knowing someone needs their help as well as in the act of providing that help

-May respond strongly and negatively to criticism

-Sometimes prone to seeking approval from others, though they won’t always admit it


-Will usually know if a buyer likes or dislikes a house, even if the buyer does not share that information

-Tend to accurately predict how sellers and their agents will react to aspects of the process such as a specific offer presented, inspection requests, etc.

-Are the most likely to become aggressive if they feel someone is taking advantage of their client

-Tend to come up with out of the box solutions to problems that others cannot seem to overcome

-Will learn what makes their clients tick within a short time of knowing them, but in most cases will reveal little about themselves in return


-Are cooperative and enjoy collaborating

-Will become unmotivated if they feel their clients do not appreciate their efforts or skills

-Intuitively know how people feel and can predict with a high degree of accuracy how clients may react to something

-React poorly to micromanagers or those that try to control them in any way

-Have the capacity to experience great success as long as they can remain motivated to see something through to the end


-Make decisions based on their strong sense of values

-Always feel compelled to find ways to grow personally and professionally

-Have a strong need for authenticity in all aspects of their life and in their career

-Communicate their deep feelings and thoughts best in writing, or music in some cases

-Intensely loyal to those they care about and protective as well

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