Rain or shine

New Hampshire is a state that can present many challenges to realtors – particularly listing agents. A specific one worth mentioning is the somewhat unpredictable weather. To some extent the weather in NH is not all that mysterious. There are four seasons and we all know what comes with each. For the most part, anyway. The problem is that on a day to day basis the weather is subject to change, making planning efforts futile at times. And by planning efforts, I simply mean the act of an agent setting up a date and time with the seller to either send a photographer to take pictures, or take them on one’s own. Some agents are brave and agree to let their sellers take their own pictures, and then use all of them in the listing, but that’s a situation that deserves its very own post.

The realtor chooses a day in the future that looks promising as far as weather goes. However, there comes a time (many times really) when two days after setting up an appointment to take the pictures the following week, the agent sees that the day weather.com said would be a nice one is now threatening rain, snow, sleet, hail, or other. Perhaps there will be a tornado or a blizzard? One never knows when they live in New England. The agent then has to decide if they will try to reschedule the appointment to take pictures, wait to see if the forecast changes again, or live dangerously and take those pictures come rain or come shine.

And that isn’t even getting into the drama that occurs when the weather is less than cooperative over an extended time period when prospective buyers come to see the home…


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