Places: Kids Kove in Merrimack, NH

kidskove2Merrimack, NH has a lot of fun and family-friendly places to go. The Twin Bridge Park is one example. Many people know the park because of its unique playground for kids known as Kids Kove, as well as the Little League baseball field known as Bise. The Merrimack Youth Association (MYA) headquarters building is also in the park. However, some do not realize there is even more to the park than meets the eye.

The entire park consists of 27 acres and has been a public area since 1928. A large portion of the park is wooded and so visitors may walk along various trails. The park was named Twin Bridge because of the two bridges located within the wooded area that allow people to cross the Baboosic Brook. The Town of Merrimack states on its site that the bridges have been used since colonial times, though their structure has changed somewhat.

Kids Kove is a play area outside of the woods that is mainly made up of wooden structures for children to play in or on. If you are planning a trip there it is important to note that there is no tunneling allowed under the playground (the sign says as much and so there must have been some kind of incident prompting the rule, right?), under any circumstances, but once you get beyond that disappointment you are free to have fun.

Here are some additional pictures of the playground, the trails, and the Brook:


Inside Kids Kove


Play area


The trails


Baboosic Brook


Another view of the brook


Moving along the trail


Near the bridge


End of the trail

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