Some adjustment is necessary

In the beginning of the home buying process some buyers believe they know exactly what they want in a home. They have a clear and definitive list. However, after buyers begin to see homes with an agent their expectations evolve and change. Some realtors are impatient with buyers that experience changes of heart regarding what they want, need, or can afford in a home even though this is normal behavior on the part of most buyers. Many have to see and experience the process by viewing a range of homes in the market before they can determine whether their initial expectations were realistic, as well as make decisions about what home features are truly important to them. A good realtor does not force this process, but rather learns to expect it and is patient while the buyers get out into the housing market to see homes on their price range and then make appropriate adjustments to their list of requirements. 


About Melissa Higgins
Client-centered realtor to assist with renting, buying, and selling needs. I work for BHG / The Masiello Group which has a wide range of services to assist in allowing me to help you realize your real estate goals. I serve all of Southern New Hampshire, including Nashua, Merrimack, Bedford, Manchester, Hooksett, Milford, Hollis, Pelham, Brookline, and many others. Contact me to talk about how I may help you.

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