In lieu of a man cave…

Many buyers want basements. Sometimes buyers will describe this feature as a “Man Cave”. This is widely understood as a basement that is either fully or partially finished where a person could conceivably spend time on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

The problem is that not all homes have a basement, or a home might have one that doesn’t qualify due to having a four foot high ceiling, a dirt floor, and a continuous water problem. Ironically, that is exactly the kind of basement one unfamiliar with the term Man Cave might expect upon hearing this term for the very first time. People without HGTV or the Internet, that is.

Regardless, many people are creative and when a home does not have a suitable basement, they come up with alternatives to the traditional Man Cave. Other people may not immediately recognize the alternative as such and so it may present challenges when one puts their home on the market.


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