What to do when…

Sometimes real estate agents find themselves in troubling situations that fall outside of the proverbial training box. While realtors are typically schooled on activities like completing a purchase and sales agreement, and writing contingency clauses that read as if lawyers wrote them, training does not always cover real world challenges that include, but are not limited to: prying open a rusty lock box, figuring out before entering a home if the seller is still inside, quickly determining which key out of ten opens the first of four units in a multi-family house in sub-zero temperatures, or handling arguments that erupt between buyers. In these situations an agent has to think on their feet, and essentially just wing it.


About Melissa Higgins
Client-centered realtor to assist with renting, buying, and selling needs. I work for BHG / The Masiello Group which has a wide range of services to assist in allowing me to help you realize your real estate goals. I serve all of Southern New Hampshire, including Nashua, Merrimack, Bedford, Manchester, Hooksett, Milford, Hollis, Pelham, Brookline, and many others. Contact me to talk about how I may help you.

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