A thank you to all Veterans


Picture I took in Epsom, NH of an old M60a3 main battle tank located at the American Legion

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all Veterans.

Your service to and sacrifices for this country are most appreciated.

Helping Troops for the Holidays

With Veterans Day right around the corner, some in New Hampshire might be wondering what they can do to provide help or assistance for those serving our country. One easy way to help is to attend various packing events coordinated each year by Operation Care for Troops, or make donations to fund packages and shipping associated with the events. The organization, based in Nashua, is a non-profit geared toward helping soldiers.

Currently the organization reports they have enough volunteers this year for their November packing event, but are still looking for people interested in participating in their February event, as well as subsequent events occurring throughout 2017. A calendar describing the dates and activities associated with the next event may be found on their website by clicking on this link.

Operation Care for Troops offers other ways to help troops besides the packing events, such as asking volunteers to write letters of support and encouragement to soldiers and units. The organization maintains a goal of including 4 to 6 letters inside each individual package and this so they are always in need of more people to write letters. Additionally, people may donate money toward the costs associated with items included in the packages and for shipping. Those wanting to help on a longer term basis may even adopt a soldier or unit.

A little time or money goes a long way toward helping others and so if you are looking for opportunities that are reasonable in terms of time and cost, this one is a good fit. For more on this non-profit organization’s mission, opportunities, contact information, and needs please visit their website at www.octnh.com.